proud of my students

This year i was giving a course to prop. school students who has a special photography club, they are so interested in photography and they have the passion of learning. Many Questions on their minds and they want to learn fast. I tried to give them some tricks and easy way to get a good photo. At the end of the year, we gave them their own exhibition and their photographs has same level as Univ. Students. I told them if they were keep in doing what they do, they will be in excellent stage when they will be on their 20's.
I will post some photos of the exhibition in my next post.

here is one of the latest work and wait for more.

click on the photograph to view the original

profile pic

a profile photo for the model as part of her portfolio. I'm trying to improve my skills in every new photograph.

Two photograph of Fatlah abayah brochure. I will post more soon
click on them to view in original size.

latest work

these are some of my latest photographs with Model Knopa for her portfolio. We were trying something natural with glamour fashion look and some focus in the face that might help in her career make up or fashion.
i will add more when i will have more time.. I'm planning to add these photos near exhibition i may join
p.s. i have some make up photographs but i will add them later plus sprinklez cupcakes ad.


finally!! a blog for updates of our work!! you will be able to view and see what's the latest work and photography news.

I don't know what to say more but i needed a blog to be connected with my students - clients to view the latest work and news from me.

thank you for your support

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