Book Project7: and the shooting keeps go on

I wrote this post directly from Iphone so sorry for some mistakes:
I'm too scared to say I enjoyed the shooting last Tuesday, I am satisfied for the first time about the shoot, all been planned and prepared for 2 weeks, the model, hairstylist, and my lovely farah makeup artist, we've got some of Feryal al bastaky's amazing amaZing collection.I would like to thank her, she had her time with us and helped me a lot in locations, it's really nice to have a great spirit around me while am shooting. they were the perfect team, I've been amazed by the hairstylist Marie because I worked with for 1st time, she was fast and did exactly wat I wanted in the photo we showed her. All been on time, makeup artist did her magic and Feryal was prepared in time. We went to the location and we photoshoot in two locations like I've planned. It was funny day everyone were staring and wanna join the shoot lol ^^.

I was glad I got the permission on time from dubaistudios they were very supportive and really great with dealing. The girl was so nice and really helped me a lot in there.
I really really wanna share some of the photos with you but I guess you will have to get the book to view it this time. I shall make it private for the meantime because some of the photos I've submitted been copied. I don't mind though since mine were the original since they will be in news soon but the rest of the shoot will be private this time and am so sorry I might add some after the book will be published for more teaser ads later on.

Am still confused about the photo cover, were talking about it with mom and she said: why don't you have all photos in the cover? I was like: O.O ma'ah! It's not a tourist guide book. Lol
So I guess when I will be done with all shoots gonna print them all and then gonna have a creative group and going to decide which one will go for cover. The cover is a very sunsitive thing to me. I always wonder how some magazines here don't care about their cover.

Dramas didn't stop this year, friends saying I might have some kind of bad energy because I meet ppl throwing their anger "craziness" at me for no reason. So I shall stop going for any social places this year till the madness down.

This will be my last post about the book project and now you will only have to count down the days till I finish it soon.

I will only inform you abt the interviews of the book and
You can check my Twitter page or fanpage for more updates about the book.

I'm also not going to take any photoshoot or booking on April, I will give all my feelings and time for the book till it's done, then am going to take real holiday since I haven't for 4 yrs. I'm thankful how my friends and family really tried to give me good time when I don't work but really I need a real break after the book is done, to forget the emotional feelings that I had with the book, each photos done with a special mood, like living with 100 spirits and mixed feelings.

And I won't take any booking or photoshoot after the book is done unless it's big commercial because I might be busy later with exhibitions, am not sure yet but there are some plans need to be sort out.

So I'm so sorry to all of you and wait for the next post soon about something else ^^

When I get weak

You fight all the time, years go by and you can't see anymore because you are tired of fighting for the things that make you happy and smile, the life you are seeking for. We sometimes need a "push" to work hard for the day we wanted and to know if it worth or we regret it? No we are not but it's annoying and we get bored and weak when we do it everyday. We say to ourselves why should I bother? I shall give up, you rest and sit while others walking and pass you by while your are looking, then you gather your strength and get up and walk again.
It was the 90s, I was a different person, a weak person who doesn't know how far I could go with the talent I have. He used to believe in me and watching him happy and make us all happy and noise all around, I still have his card he gave me in my birthday with the big Barbie doll house, I was a person who didn't express her happiness and her joy when I get gifts, he used to tell me I shall be happy and Do something.
That year we didn't talk much. That year he passed away.
I always remember how far your believes make me go and when I get weak, I always remember you and then I go further and express my happiness and my talent to the world.
To lose a brother who used to wake all the house is one of the hardest thing in life and it makes you stronger facing the world later.
RIP my dearest brother.

the book teaser

like i promised in my prev. updates, this is the teaser ad. but not official one till all the work and shoots are coming soon, please wish me luck, and i should be done after few months

MUA: Farah Alshohomy
Model: Andreea Hasa
Location: Nad El Sheba

The book project 6: ideas changed

I know, no updates for a long time now, I really sit and ready to blog but then i don't have anything good to say so i keep it for another day, ok am lazy

We had a shooting for the book project on Sat, last week. I was so worried about the weather because it was full of clouds and they said it will be rainy day. Mom said we have to hurry up before the rainy storm starts. I luv it believe me, we are like waiting for it for the entire year, but not when you have a photoshooting, outside! so i was thinking, what's going on? the entire week was a disaster, and i only had limited time which is one week with Canon 1D Mark IV and the lenses to test. but, the MUA had done her work with the model, the model is ready and her hair is ready, wearing the jewelry and we've got into the car, so i said: I will be positive about today no matter what will happen let it happen. We arrived to the place, had lunch, and here came the rain, it was soft nice actually and it was just raining while we were eating, when we are done, the rain stopped, we start shooting then in 4 different locations, and yes!! we got shots with camels behind! and then we had time for the sea. it was lovely day. Who said positive thinking doesn't work? ^^ later that night the rain started to come so heavily and didn't stop till all the roads got flooded with water.

I returned the camera and the lenses. What i liked about that experience, the camera is really good and light, actually it's not heavy at all! and it gives me the best captures, so i decided to take it after a year of thinking to get the 5D Mark II.
maybe some of you are wondering why i didn't get it before? it's because i am that kind of person that i like to get a better camera when i deserve it. yes, better camera better quality but most of the job is done by the photographer, and i had to prove to myself I'm good first with the camera i have to get to the other level. and about the lenses i really enjoyed them and I'm glad that i had the chance to use them all and that gave me clear idea what i really need for my shoot or not.
so definitly I'm getting EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L. The good news is I bought the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV Digital SLR Camera it's officially mine ^^

I was sitting and looking at all the photos, like some and others didn't like. which made me think for a week and i decided to change the main story to go on with the photos i've got, and plus i will shooting more.
i will keep you with one photo for now and please forgive me because i won't post anymore till I'm done maybe just one later for a teaser.

p.s Dear anonymous write in my comments box, please write your name, i keep deleting by mistakes some comments because anonymous there is no shame to write a nickname :p and thank you

for now enjoy your time and I wish you all luck