my last photoshoot for this month

my arms are killing me today because of the photoshooting yesterday with 7 models for make up. I will start photoshooting after ramadan. I'm preparing my first book but I have some doubts for the size. I wanted to add some of my portraits and fashion / commerical work and the other part is nature photographs. That's why i am thinking to make 2 books. one for everything i have done and the other only for fashion photographs.
I will be waiting until my photoshooting after ramadan because i want to add more fashion work in there with the new lighting i'm ordering.
till then check my other pages at flickr, facebook and deviantart.
thank you all for the support

ladydesign on flickr !

Yes i don't even believe it. I'm on flickr!! lol
so if you are there please drop by and view my portfolio there.

here it is

portfolio is done and another portfolio in the way

Knopa's portfolio is almost done. last photo you can see in the shadow as a pregnant woman and i wrote in details of how the slim shaped model can transform into a pregnant woman in her mind and how hard it is to be, because she might not have the same figure again

I'm happy with the results of Aysel farhad. She is a loving model and is so beautiful creature when you meet her you can fall in love with her immediately and i was trying to show how simple she can be and how great skin she has in the photos. more to come later and i will be done with her own portfolio. In my opinion she is mixed between haifa wahbi and Sherehan look. I think she is great for fashion show, make up, jalabyas and abayas photoshoot.

new website - new fan page!

yay my new webbie is online! yay me! lol It's too simple one to view more and i can now add more photos whenever i want. check it !
I also have a fan page at facebook - let's see how things work there. You know how crazy some people can go but i will stay positive on that.
One photoshoot is done, Aysel was so great turkish model, She is really good for abayah and fashion show and arabic heavy make up- I wish i can show you some of her photos but i will ask her permittion later to add it here once it's all done. She looks like haifa wahbi in heavy make and reminds me lil bit in sherehan. She is soft sweet girl.
and the big one will be on tuesday. Wish me luck ;)

two photoshoots.

I'm busy this week with two photoshoots.

I had sketches and the idea is really great - we will have 5 models this time with my client - all summer make up and hair style - the customs we still prepared. The idea contains everything and it will be so new from our usual ads in this country. Let's hope everything will be great. The only thing i am worried about the models to be in time otherwise we will cancel the photoshoot.

the other photoshoot for model's portfolio.

so no more photos for next week? I will try but i promise you for the new look of - i make it this time so simple to view so i can add more work later. I'm preparing my facebook fan page after my friend suggested that i should have a fan page. I know some photographers in the same area trying to steal from me but let's remember the original, i get used to it now but this time my work are going in public and everyone will see it in my portfolio first, right ;)

I can't wait for the good weather after few months so i can start photoshooting for fashion clothes that i have some great ideas in mind. Otherwise i will travel after two months to photoshoot.

wish me luck for my photoshooting.

luv you all.