The book project 6: crazy sunny day, horses shoot with model

Am typing while my back hurts since I don't do Yoga this year and always saying I will do it tomorrow, I had pain. I went to the sea and my cousin helped me found some dunes, can u believe this? We were searching for a week on desert, all filled green which is good but not for my book.
I went to some old shops for the materials to male traditional outfits suits the model and they were done on time.
I spent 2 days shooting around the sea and sending fax to a place I need a permission for, and wow they r slow here. I don't know why but we keep delay the horses scene every week, something came up and I keep cancel, 2 months passed and then this week I said that's it, I will shoot, let finish this thing! It was Thursday all goes as it planned. But it was toooo windy in the morning, I was too worried to rain with too much wind, but them it calmed down when we arrived and omg it was too hot, and my body was in pain, no I can't cancel! sometimes farah "MUA" think am crazy lol
I did many fashion shoots it's way too better than doing art photography.
I start shooting the horses and I couldn't see the photos because it was too sunny, I kept running to the car to breath and mom was like:" do you wanna kill yourself?". Farah did the makeup inside the car in seat the poor girl lol and the model "Andrea" was so helpful and I was so glad she came from NY before our shoot day. While they were doing the makeup I went to see the horses. The good thing about that hot time that the horses were soo friendly and wanted me to touch them all the time. They were so young too from 3 to 4 yrs. I had only limited time with them like an hour. It was hard because I wanted to shoot the model while she hold the horse alone without anything on him. Which was hard. I picked the star horse, she came to me and was playing with me. I knew right away she will be the perfect horse who can model for us fast and she did. Amazing 3 yrs old Shamsa.
I'm so glad I didn't throw up that day from the hot sunny weather! We finished on time at 5 and left. Got milkshake from basken robbins with choc, and had migraine from the sun, I felt the pressure in my ears.
I thought this week shoot would be enjoyable and like I planned
The photos are not what I planned to. But from the photos I will manage what I can do and might change the story little bit.
I really need to do this week a fashion shoot somehow to cheer me up little bit lol, I saw T-ara new photoshooting and I loved their new look and the accessories! Inspiring shoot really.
wow too long post, I will leave you for now till another post. Forgive me if there is some mistakes in the post but am typing fast to sleep early ^^


I got my iPhone! Yay me, sorry for this post but am testing to update my blog through the iPhone, I have been seaching for easy applications to blog with. I have many things I wanna type but hehe. I'm glad I got the I-phone 3Gs it was out of stock in here for along time and didn't want to buy it online. So it took me forever but I got it at the end. I'm still thinking What shall I join here du or etisalat. I heard Manu complains ant both and I called both. Etisalat has strong connection but u can have a bill that u can't imagen at the end of the month. Du has weak connection in some areas but there is no prob with the bill.
I need need a strong connection when I travel outside the country so I still don't know what to choose. I want to use etis. But I use my Internet 24 hrs because I need to check on my work+emails fb pages. Why I feel like it's 1997? When we use more Internet we get huge bills? Lol any suggestions r welcome

The book project 5: why and what happened

hi all, I know it's been a long time since my last update, and what's happening? nothing really happened that's why i didn't update.
when you have a team in the photoshoot, it's hard to find them all available in the same day which make us keep delaying. This week again, because of the weather we canceled.
Normally, i don't talk about it until I'm done with any project but since i promised you to keep you all with me in the line, i will keep my promise :)
we will shoot at the end of this month again hopefully. This time i will do all my best to not cancel it because seriously I'm running out of time.
also, i keep canceling my meetings, booking for shoots, etc
so this week it was empty for me and i felt like a craaaaaaaaaaazy!! I hate doing nothing!

I did my new plan buy-list for this year, that i was holding myself not to get, so bye bye LV new bags loool

- I-phone
- new camera : because i think i deserve it!! XD i always treat myself a better camera
- new laptop macbook