session 2 school revolution

models: Ksyusha Vostrikova, Bushra, enesa
make up artist: Mona harafsha
photography and style : Me
assistant: Noora " one of the girls in my course "

We had great day in the course. 5 hours and one hour running for photoshooting in the bus and in the music room. It was fun with all the girls and crazy in the same time. I went with models after that to the studio to comepelete the photoshooting with different style and make up.
I hope you enjoyed the photos.
Mostly I'm happy with my facebook fanpage and the encouragment i get from Deviantart.
thank you all for the support and love

Wish me luck, I have another crazy idea fashion shoot ( one of my sketches idea) and i hope it will work out on Sat. with Farah and Bronz makeup artists. My friend glory will join the photoshoot.

this way i will have more photographs for my bio book and my fashion photobook.

I got featured in many deviantnews pages. have look at some of them and see otherphotographers' works

featured in Devnews with :
100 Images you dont want to miss! - PART 02
+200 Gorgeous photography
Photographers of the Week (Issue 7)

session1 photoshoot

so, each photo has a story - i will keep posting new photos in this month but it's all for the same day shoot. Here are some photos of knopa the model in my studio after we were outside photo shooting. I was chasing the time to get as much photos as i can have.
thank you to all the models and to make up artists and the assistants i had that day.


fashion photoshoot

long time i know it's been a month. I'm starting my new bio book and another one for fashion photographs - i need more photos for my fashion photo book because i want a different look fashionable different looks like 50s style and others like fantasia style in 3 different locations

i need thin - pale - 170 heights models for this project - locations will be outside the studio

the make up artist will be the international makeup artist Mona Harafsha and her assistants who will give full makeover for each model hair and make up. I would like to thank her for co operate with me in this project.

each model will have prints for her photographs to add at in her portfolio. TFP /TFCD

if you are interested please email me at and i will give you more details for the time and location.