sprinklez cupcakes!! on magazine

This time I'm more happy than last ad. Because it's clear and not squeezed. Everything like i expected. Thank god.

you can see the ad. on wedding magazine and in Arabic aaraas magazine in stores now.
You can see the old ad that was on magazine in the last photo.

photoshooting in hot hot weather

the heat was sooooooo bad in this hot weather - we were shooting in hell!! Our weather giving us a hard time in shooting - Can you believe it's only 4 months we have good weather in UAE? and these months i always recommend to my clients to have photoshooting but like always they don't listen lol. I was thinking to have one of my photoshooting in France, i have some castles and old houses in mind, for dressing photoshoot like Pride & Prejudice 's movie

Farah is my favourite make up artist that i worked with three times. She gets into girls' heart with her amazing make up and style. She is different from others uae make up artists with her simple - professional and clean make up i can see big future for her. Kristen is a Lebanese hair stylist and she is known here as one of uae favourite hair stylest. I was lucky to work with them both but the heat gave us short time. so there was on hair style and three makeup styles. The model is Nisreen and the gowns were from Kameez empire fashion. Kameez sent many gowns but with outside weather it would be great for photoshooting them. We are planning to make special catalogue with them but when the weather will get better, otherwise we need to get out of the country!

I will leave you now with Farah's last photoshoot until i upload the new ones. Her photos also will be release in the online HCL magazine.

I'm also trying to add more photos because the agency asked more for my work with them.

so wish me luck.

need more!

some of the work I've done and retouch recently - now i don't like my latest work and i need more to improve - more models - more work

wish me luck tomorrow i have photoshoot for make up and hair.

work, work

I have to finish Knopa's portfolio and print it soon. Can't wait to see the results and i have a photoshoot that i'm thinking about for next week. I have many crazy ideas for fashion photoshooting and i can't take them away from mind so i began to sketch again so i can go to them whenever i want.

meanwhile i shall leave you with at least one of Fantak abayah's photoshooting.

Model: Nisreen

Make up : Al Rawaah Salon.


like i promised the students' work in the exhibition and some of my work with other photographers which are my friends to show the students different styles of photographs from different kind of cameras. Long story, don't ask
I'm proud of all of you.
I'm thinking of a new course but this time it will be with more girls not only from schools and it will be for the new stages and retouching the images.
more to come later
oh yes i joined deviantart