New Year and New beginning

Happy New year everyone! I hope you all going to have a peaceful year and more success in your career and personal life.

and to those who didn't have a good year or didn't chase their dreams yet, there is always another day and another year and this year is your chance to move and do your best and never give up, if you fall, you can get up, again and again, you only have hope and hope makes you go on in the life, if you have a bad moment, always think about a good time you had which will make you feel better, envy other people won't change anything in your life, and if you have a life of your dream then you should know there are other people around you also seeking for the life of their own and you can only support them and not stopping them. it's a time to be unselfish and more understandable, Time is very important so use it wisely, and get away from gossips it will make your heart darker and will waste the time that you can do something good for your future.

be positive with everyone and have a big heart, stay away from friends who have negative thoughts and negative ideas, it will only make you lose time to accomplish your goal, always be a good friend for yourself and the most important is to trust yourself and love yourself.

As for or me this year was a very successful year for my future career, thank god, here are the list i did in 2009

- ESMOD Fashion University photoshoot for 10 different dresses for 10 designers.

- April: My first Solo Exhibition at ESMOD Fashion University as a first fashion photographer in my country who had an exhibition.

- June till July: 2nd Solo Exhibition at Wafi Mall, Dubai

-Featured in 3 TV programs:
Inside The National at AD TV program,
Women in Gulf program at Dubai TV,
Dubai this morning at Dubai TV,

-Featured in :
Emirates Today Newspaper,
Weekend Review at GulfNews
Fashion Rage Magazine
Layalena Magazine
KAO magazine
AL Roya newspaper

- I spent the last months doing editorials for fashion magazine and filming for big coming event i joined that will be announced in May 2010 that i am really really proud of being part of it.

maybe most of you think it was so easy for me to do all this but i will say it for first time it took 27 yrs dreaming of this and 10 years to do it finally. I knew that since i was a child that i born different and i will be different, to those who have zero freedom and think because of that they can't do it, let me be a good example that you can do it. Life for me is like a war, but a cold war, not shouting of what you need and want, "but" to be diplomatic and give some compromises of your freedom to have in return another space of freedom to work in your goal and to step forward.

Some of us choose what it's in the land and have a safe job and a safe life and be happy with it and some of us choose the sea, they could drawn and die, or they could find the treasure and see new places and new faces and seeking new knowledge and return to help the people in the land what they knew and saw. If we didn't choose the sea, we will always going to look at it till the day we get in the ship and start sailing. The idea will always be in our head no matter what other people say, sooner or later we will do it.

at the end i would like to thank my friends who were around me and support me for chasing my dream and my future career and my teachers through the year and the whole people in my city for being big supportive and helpful and respectful to my career and dream and being really proud of me. to the end to my parent who were the perfect judge for my work, and to my mom for giving her time going with me and assisted me during my film shooting.

new work and new project

hello everyone, long time no post in here, been busy with shooting, editing, and my project,
everyone wants to get my book that I'm working on while am not even start shooting yet for it, it's soo funny even mom wants me to be done with. The weather is getting cloudy which is good for my shoots but too dusty to start for shooting. You better shoot in hot weather or dusty cold weather, sometimes i think i need to travel to smell fresh air.
I have some plans for the few months including traveling and then completing my Master so I'm having a lot of thinking.

I will leave you now with Joanna Kielkucka Collection 2010, Amazing work, I couldn't help but ordering one of her dresses.
Model:Marina Belousova
Make up: Farah Alshohomy

art, bb and me

hey, long time since my last update,
lemme tell you what was going all this time, I was busy and still, with my new project and my book, the project is going on very well and i can't say more about it till 2010 :) but I'm enjoying every minute of it. About the book things are going crazy with it, it's an art book which means going deep into the artistic side which means: craziness, insomnia, bloody moody! like getting angry all the time and happy most of the time, it's been yrs since i felt this way which is not good feeling at all but sooner i finish the book i can get rid of all of feelings. I stay away from friends so i don't effect them in any of my craziness, also i don't want to get angry for any reason just for my health too, I keep sitting at home or going for more research, words coming by and goes, sometimes i lose them in between, so i go over and over again with it, meanwhile i really wanna go for a while to london"my second hometown" or seoul to visit some friends and have lil fun for a change, but i can't because I'm stuck with assignments and photoshoots for clients and my project. plus since i got the BB it really got into my nerve sometimes! with all these stupid stupid broadcast sure i get angry'!! will someone please tell them to invent blocking broadcast in the new bbm?? otherwise i really have to throw it away, i already deleted have of the members in my list, it doesn't make sense, why shall u broadcast while u don't even read it anymore?? it's only for important situations!! not to goofing around and comanding people to broadcast themselves or they will go to hell, oh let's not forget the rumours!!
i wake up reading about people passed away who i don't even know till night, i stayed till morning because i felt sad and depressing! now i spend 20 mins deleting the bc msgs everyday, i even forgot some friends i have lol, so i don't know maybe i should bring iphone and keep my friends in googletalk lol so no bcs anymore!

as you can see i did some changes to my blog and i added some korean music to get into some kind of mood, btw, first song for SuperJunior is my fav. "it's you" so creative i must say
I luv korean drama for so long but cousins were so crazy with their teenage moments with bands like FT Island, SuperJunior and SHINee which got into me somehow lol I like to watch for inspiration, they are screaming and i only watch the hair and outfit, wow they spend really hard time doing the hair, etc while girls still simple in korea but not to forget Brown Eyed Girls and 2NE1 and watching their style of photos to improve, and i think i did somehow in the lighting i kinda got what i wanted recenlty with the lighting with Elmira she is designer studient and i think will be a great model too i had some shots for her designs as well, and i did some classical shoot with Elena, a russian model, now all i need is a new camera!! 7D is the one after all ;)
for me it's different, i don't get the camera till i feel i earn it, i spend more money in the lenses and only the lenses that are good for my commercial and fashion work, so when i do a good job, i get a new lens. now serously i need a new camera and I'm waiting for the 7D body camera to be in town soon! so tell then my friends i hope you enjoy your time and wait for more updates to come n_n

photos of my studio!!

After I'm done with my exhibitions, many things happened and i was trying to clean up my office and place and managing to add the photos in the place.
Anyway, I tried to clean it as i could lol When there is a photoshoot, everything goes missy with hairs and models running round, accessories and oh wait !! the shoes!!! i luv the shoes, don't you?
Unfortunately there are no photos of the shoes this time, but i will take a peak for you at my next photoshoot that i will have soon.

here you go lads and lasses, enjoy :)

accessories and dresses ...
you should see this table when it's full of shoes!! amazing view lol

the Make up place

the Studio room

this is the way to my office.. no picture, you can see the colour of that room anyway.
and nothing else than the kitchen :P

have a nice day and
oh yeah i got my portfolio from deviant art!
check it out

enjoy your weekend and wait for the photos of my book :)

photos of my exhibition and lil explanation of it

I would like to thank all the people around the world who came by and stop in my gallery at Wafi this month. It was great month for me

I was readying today my comments "memorable book that my friends and clients who crossed by my gallery and i found out there are many friends came by which make me very happy to read and knowing that they have been there
soo sweet of you all thank you .

I do understand some criticisms and that i have to ignore it but i think i need to give a little explanation of what i do

what you saw in my gallery is not an artwork for artist - it's a collection of fashion/beauty shoots of my work with models, fashion designers and make up artists and commercial

as a fashion, beauty and commercial photographer, i repeat fashion, beauty and commercial photographer, it's obviously that this is what you will have to see in the gallery.
when i take a photo of a face i do it professionally not as an hobby

i don't present anyone but myself.

Why i did it? because it's my job, and because there is no harm of promoting my work and to let others to know about me.

I can't do heritage photos for clients all the time, I can't tell Haute couture, modern designer that he/she has to design jalabyas or taking them to heritage places. this is not kind of art. it's a job i do what designer wants and helping them to improve it with some ideas suits their fashion.

I would love to do some of artwork one day to exhibit but i have limited time but I have one in my mind i am working on which will take long time because i have photo shooting work to do.

There are many galleries and exhibitions around the world, different kinds and styles and some arts, I don't enter something that doesn't interest me and if i do i give my all respect even if i didn't like it.

I respect all kind of heritages, countries and religions
I have been to many countries in my past life and all of them gave me full respect
so if someone somewhere didn't give you respect then think about it why, don't blame them
"Respect yourself and others will respect you"

I don't like to give advices but one tip : there is a different between comment and a critics

Always remember I love you all :)

- I would like to thank "Inside the National" program ad ADTV for featuring about my gallery and my work.
- Another feature at GulfNews at Weekend Review
- I would like to thank for the feature

My 2nd Solo Photography Exhibition

I had a dream about a year and a half and it was so clear how was it - going inside a magnificent place and i was watching every details of it. They told me this is your place and i was soo happy that i would be there.

Woke up and didn't understand the dream at all but i remember the place and how it looked ,
and i was looking forward to that place.

This month I got invited to have my 2nd solo exhibition at Khan Murjan gallery at WAFI. a marvelous new place at wafi where you have see Turkish, Iranian, Syrian and Moroccan style all in one place called Khan Murjan and when they showed me where is my gallery suddenly i remembered my dream.

I believe this is a gift from god to show you me where i would be if i keep working.

so please join me on my event for the opening at khan murjan gallery for my 2nd solo exhibition on Sunday 7th of June.

thank you all for believing on me :)

click on the image to view bigger

photos of my Solo Exhibition in Dubai

as i promised sorry for the crappy photos lol

New update with new photos

I want to thank ESMOD again for giving me this great pleasure and apportininites for making my first solo exhibiton at their gallery. It was great week and half and I enjoyed every part of it.

I would like to thank Bahaa for being a great PR. and being great and professional with me.
And my close friends for being there at the opening and cheering me up and for callings and kind msgs and to the people I met for first time for coming to meet me and to all my amazing models for coming and being helpful
And to my parents.

and I wanna say without God and my faith i wouldn't be here and having my dream come true the way i planned and i wanted to be.

thank you all and I promise you that my next post will be full of my exhibition photos

Many good things is coming soon and I will keep u updated here and on twitter

Featured last month in:
-Dubai this morning program at DubaiTV.
-Emirtes Today News
-Kul Al Osrah magazine
- layalina magazine ( May Issue )

and now i will leave you with my latest photoshoot from last week

MUA: Farah Al shohomy
Model: Salwa Ayari

My exhibition coverage links are here

I would like to thank everyone who come to the opening from my friends and other people i met for the first time there. It was great meeting you and i hope to see the rest of you on Sunday and Monday from 4 till 6:30 i will be there

My exhibition coverage links are here:



I would like to thank my friend asawer for posting in her page the photos of my exhibition
here is the link

Thank you ESMOD for all of this :)

I will post later with the interviews

My first Solo Exhibition

I posted an event in my facebook page for my upcoming solo exhibition

It will be held between the dates of 14 April to 23 April
at French Fashion University Esmod Gallery at Dubai.

the opening will be at Tuesday April 14th at 7 p.m.

I would like to thank French Fashion University Esmod for giving me the change to showcase my work and do my own style for the event

It's like a dream comes true because my fashion photography work will be in a fashion place :)

I also would like to thank each students for being unique and at last my friend Canella and wish her all the best

for more information or if you are interested to come to the event you can view this

and French Fashion University Esmod Dubai

I added a page in my official website but I'm not sure about the design - I still don't like it - i hope i still have more time to design the posters - i will go tomorrow to check on my prints - i hope everything will be alright since i traveled for a week. didn't book in any hotels near the location yet

wish me luck and see you there :)

my invitation cards arrived today - yay!

Today i got my invitation cards and mini cards for my first solo exhibition - yes i know i haven't talked about it yet but i was preparing and hoping everything will go well by the date.

I would like to thank ESMOD Fashion University - Dubai for giving me this opportunity and for believing in my work. It was great honor to be asked for a solo exhibition for my fashion photographs at fashion University like ESMOD. it's almost a dream comes to true for a fashion photographer like me.

so about my cards.. it turned to be great - for the first time i wasn't worry about the print because it came direct from London so everything is pro. when it's for a print for them.

thank you MOO and I'm your new friend ! lol it said already at their cards

I'm so happy with the cards' print really makes your photos look great

I have many things to do for the exhibition and going to the printing to check on the canvas print.

I hope everything will be alright till the date. more information about the exhibition later

enjoy the photos for now