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my invitation cards arrived today - yay!

Today i got my invitation cards and mini cards for my first solo exhibition - yes i know i haven't talked about it yet but i was preparing and hoping everything will go well by the date.

I would like to thank ESMOD Fashion University - Dubai for giving me this opportunity and for believing in my work. It was great honor to be asked for a solo exhibition for my fashion photographs at fashion University like ESMOD. it's almost a dream comes to true for a fashion photographer like me.

so about my cards.. it turned to be great - for the first time i wasn't worry about the print because it came direct from London so everything is pro. when it's for a print for them.

thank you MOO and I'm your new friend ! lol it said already at their cards

I'm so happy with the cards' print really makes your photos look great

I have many things to do for the exhibition and going to the printing to check on the canvas print.

I hope everything will be alright till the date. more information about the exhibition later

enjoy the photos for now

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