attending Grace Kelly "style Icon" Exhibition

I must say I was so luck to attend such an exclusive exhibition in London, at my fav. Victoria & Albert V&A  Museum.
There is a new film under the name of "Victoria" I recommend you to watch to have an idea about the story of them. It's amazing place that always contains great exhibitions.

I was planning the other day what shall i wear for such a visit for a style Icon, my fav bag, outfits and shoes. something that presents my taste. It's always exciting to me whenever i go to a fashionshow, exhibitions. I always think what shall i wear for such an accoassion.

I went to the Museum, entered the place and the first thing i saw her special gown that made for her in the same day of her marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco.
the exhibition contains many of her gowns and outfits from her movies and events with photos beside them and some videos of her appearance.

What did i feel? i can't describe it really, i was so happy and i captured many moments inside my mind and some gowns were really still amazing and new. oh and i saw the Kelly original bag from Hermes! and Christian Dior sunglasses so huge and fashionable.

I couldn't snap any shots really because it's not allowed

What is Grace Kelly? and why she considered to be a Style Icon among other actresses? there is a book in the other shop in the Museum which was lovely decorated shops that contain some lovely stylish items. The book talks about her life and rare photos of her and it makes me know many amazing things about her.

what made me understand that she has her own simple style, she made it herself. something make u comfy and in the same style present your style and chic. I liked the part when she used to travel and how she stayed in shape. her dresses, hermes gloves and her stylish Kelly bag. she took her bag everywhere with her. it was like a travel and chic bag. girls must know how to use the bag from her though. it doesn't matter how many bags you have, it matter of the style and how you wear it. and sometimes only one bag can do many tasks and here you can be a smart and fashionable.

there is an article included in the book : How to travel light  - yes it's an old article but it works really if you travel to several places and you wanna stay in good look

oh yes! there is also her special gown in Rear Window movie, one of my fav. it shows how Alfred is a great film maker and how he can catch your full attention.

so you if you will be in London, and really love Grace Kelly and think she is a fashion Icon, then you still have a chance because the exhibition is on till 26 September.

and if you have been to London and know about it and didn't go then SHAME ON YOU :P

I hope you enjoyed this post and wait for more posts to come and sorry of my late updates. love you all

My sweet 30

Nothing better than celebrating my unique 30 at my perfect place : London

It said ur fav place when you are a child with amazing memories becomes your life:favourite place. You find peace and forget all your worries and get positive energy from it. No matter what place could be.

They say London is different now, why u like it? I was lucky to see London the way it was and to me I always see it that way no matter what.

I'm back now in London after few yrs away. I Feel like breathing.

Writing here in Mayfair after I became 30 makes me happy. It's a great age to me. Never thought that am getting older
I was always looking for that age since I was 21, it's the age of wisdom and to become complete. It's the age of looking of what you've done and what u should do. You are now in the middle of the road. I'm 30 now and I always be :)

To everyone who complete their 30's this month. Happy birthday and enjoy it