World Expo2010 Shanghai Opening Ceremony

it was amazing and outstanding performance, i liked many parts, fireworks and each boat with a flag, Jackie Chan singing, Andrea Bocelli special performance!

leave you with the photos taken by

and videos of some parts of ceremony

World Expo 2010 Shanghai and our pavilion :)

The World Expo2010 Shanghai this year is the biggest and most expensive Expo in history , it's like a big city, so if you are near you should really go and have a look, "Better City, Better Life," is the theme of this wonderful expo, but for me it's like when all the world become one after what i saw in other pavilions commercials and representative from artists like the amazing Jackie Chan for China, Yunho from TVXQ band which is famous band in South Korea and to the world and the amazing MV he did with Donghae, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Henry from Super Junior and others too . Alan Delon for France and many others from other wonderful countries.

I don't know what to say, but i was honored to be one of the representatives in special screens to be filmed for our pavilion, to be in and talk briefly to the visitors about our cultural and country , I am not sure if i will be able to visit and have a look. I would like to know more about other participants that i knew and some who i first time to know about them and I'm so proud of them and happy to be with them :) I heard a lot of good news about our pavilion which make me more happy.I really enjoyed and had fun with the Team from Trident Media from Ireland and they are wonderful friends to be with.

If you are there I hope you will enjoy our pavilion, and i really would like to have time to visit and see other pavilions as well, I heard that 400,000 visitors came in the rehearsal days, and they are expecting to have more than 100 million visitors during 6 months

If you would like to see the ceremony live on CCTV at 8 p.m and 4 p.m our time on this Friday
and the opening will be on May 1st, at Shanghai Channel at 9 a.m. and 5 a.m our time

how do i feel? nervous and excited
I hope i helped, and if you know more information please share :)

here are some links to have a look and get an idea about it

our pavilion site:

World Expo site:

Shanghai 2010 World Expo Official MV

Jackie Chan special MV for the Expo

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Joanna Kielkucka A/W 2010

Hi all, hope everyone is well, i know long time no updates but was busy with the book shooting and my client's shoots, here are some small photos i was able to share with you.
The idea supposed to be different lol but it was funny how all the things we booked for a long changed in a day before the shooting day. Joana was great and really helpful she managed to find the hat. there was suppose to be a bike in the road of our vintage idea style. but u don't want to know what happened to the bike, btw, the bike was last min thought because we had to replace the idea of the shooting so quick. so hopefully we will do the idea of that shooting one day next time.

Farah and hairstylist marie were great, they did the hair and the makeup like what we asked for. I like how fast is the hairstylist and how Magdalena's hair stayed till night. It was really nice of Farah coming with us to the location for the shoot. it was my first time with Magdalena, she is sweet and fun person.

sorry for the small photos i was resizing for the facebook, i will add bigger in my deviantart later
more updates with more editorials soon

Joanna Kielkucka A/W 2010
Model: Magdalena
Hairstylist: Marie
Makeup Artist : Farah Alshohomy

Book Project 8: Gulf News interview

hello, Long time, been busy shooting for the book, yes still working on it, I wanted to share with you today an article about the book I'm working on, Had this interview a month ago and my fans "you" got mentioned in it which make me smile.

I re-post the article in here because i like it but the photos were weak in the news and all my fans and friends were telling me why there is only one photo of your work in there, i gave them many photos but i don't know what happened.

so i am posting the photo they had it and one new exclusive for your eyes only :)

click on the image for a bigger view please

The story of a girl exploring the seven emirates and the profound changes they are going through is captured by Emirati photographer Fatma Abdullah.

She has been busy lately, adding the finishing touches to her first coffee table book that aims to portray the beauty of unseen locations in the Emirates through her lens. She has chosen locations that few tourists have discovered and successfully merged the creativity of her fashion experience with her signature style.

Fatma spoke to Gulf News about the experience and knowledge she acquired while working on her first book of photographs.

Interviewer What made you think of producing a book of photographs?

ME: The idea of publishing a photo book was tickling my mind for a long time. Last year I decided to translate my dream into reality.

Where did you get the inspiration for the book?

Frankly, I got it from my fans. They were always asking me to create some artistic photo shots and they wanted to see some traditional touches that combine a fashion photographer's view and they always wondered what the results would be.

How long did it take you to develop it?

It actually took me three years to develop this book. A lot of time went into the planning phase. The photo shoot for the book started this year because I was very busy last year with my series of exhibitions and work. I also spent a considerable amount of time choosing the models for my book's characters and the search for their dresses and the study of the makeup. You know, all the details must be taken care of carefully.

When are you launching it and where?

I'm hoping to launch it by the end of April. At times I need to wait quite a bit to obtain permission for a photo shoot at a particular location. Thus the delay. So I'm trying my best to finish it and launch it by the end of April."

How many pages does it contain?

The book will contain more than 100 photos."

To whom do you dedicate the book?

To my country, my fans, my family and my parents and everyone who has been helpful and supportive of my photo shooting journey for this book.

Where it will be available, any particular bookstore or everywhere?

I'm doing the best I could to make it available everywhere.

Will it be available outside UAE?

I'm planning to make it available across the world.

What's the title of the book?

Not finalised yet, since I have made slight changes in the plot of the story.

Are there any authors of photo books you admire?

I like children's story books and novels but no photo books in my mind right now.

What do you think this experience has added to your photography skills?

My photography experience helped me a lot to add a special atmosphere to this kind of landscape photography which is a little challenging and I'm a little bit nervous as well about how the outcome will be.

What's your plan after launching the book?

Well, I would like to see how it will go and maybe I will rest for a while, I hope. I'm having editorial shoots this year which I always enjoye. Editorials to me are like a genuine vacation, where I see everything and enjoy every minute of it.

Have you received any support from any organisation?

Yes indeed. I have received strong support from Canon Middle East. Canon sponsored me during my shooting by letting me try different kinds of lenses and offering me the new EOS 1D Mark IV DSLR camera, which I love so much.

Also, Dubai Studio were very helpful by giving me permission to shoot in some areas in Dubai and also Dubai Airport. In fact, all were so kind in permitting me to shoot inside. I'm very glad that my first experience has found such great support.

What equipment have you used for capturing your shots? Why did you choose them?

In this book I was planning to shoot different areas of the UAE rather than fashion, which requires different lenses.

So Canon offered to let me test the new Canon EOS-1D Mark IV DSLR. I chose it because I needed something which I am flexible with. The camera gave me the results that I needed such as a little bit of softness in my photos.

The equipment I used in my photo book are:


• TS-E 24mm f/3.5 L Tilt-Shift Lens: it was great using this lens. Amazing how you can control blur and focus in the left and right, it saved a lot of artistic editing I used to do before.

• Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L

• Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L

• Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L

• Canon EF 85mm f/1.8


• Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

What measures do you think would help attract more Emirati women to the world of professional photography?

I want them to be positive with everything. Life is difficult and it's not an easy job to be a female photographer in the first place; but nothing is impossible. Just be positive and always look at the bright side when you face a hard time and always seek for the best and the best quality, not less, and stay original.