New Year and New beginning

Happy New year everyone! I hope you all going to have a peaceful year and more success in your career and personal life.

and to those who didn't have a good year or didn't chase their dreams yet, there is always another day and another year and this year is your chance to move and do your best and never give up, if you fall, you can get up, again and again, you only have hope and hope makes you go on in the life, if you have a bad moment, always think about a good time you had which will make you feel better, envy other people won't change anything in your life, and if you have a life of your dream then you should know there are other people around you also seeking for the life of their own and you can only support them and not stopping them. it's a time to be unselfish and more understandable, Time is very important so use it wisely, and get away from gossips it will make your heart darker and will waste the time that you can do something good for your future.

be positive with everyone and have a big heart, stay away from friends who have negative thoughts and negative ideas, it will only make you lose time to accomplish your goal, always be a good friend for yourself and the most important is to trust yourself and love yourself.

As for or me this year was a very successful year for my future career, thank god, here are the list i did in 2009

- ESMOD Fashion University photoshoot for 10 different dresses for 10 designers.

- April: My first Solo Exhibition at ESMOD Fashion University as a first fashion photographer in my country who had an exhibition.

- June till July: 2nd Solo Exhibition at Wafi Mall, Dubai

-Featured in 3 TV programs:
Inside The National at AD TV program,
Women in Gulf program at Dubai TV,
Dubai this morning at Dubai TV,

-Featured in :
Emirates Today Newspaper,
Weekend Review at GulfNews
Fashion Rage Magazine
Layalena Magazine
KAO magazine
AL Roya newspaper

- I spent the last months doing editorials for fashion magazine and filming for big coming event i joined that will be announced in May 2010 that i am really really proud of being part of it.

maybe most of you think it was so easy for me to do all this but i will say it for first time it took 27 yrs dreaming of this and 10 years to do it finally. I knew that since i was a child that i born different and i will be different, to those who have zero freedom and think because of that they can't do it, let me be a good example that you can do it. Life for me is like a war, but a cold war, not shouting of what you need and want, "but" to be diplomatic and give some compromises of your freedom to have in return another space of freedom to work in your goal and to step forward.

Some of us choose what it's in the land and have a safe job and a safe life and be happy with it and some of us choose the sea, they could drawn and die, or they could find the treasure and see new places and new faces and seeking new knowledge and return to help the people in the land what they knew and saw. If we didn't choose the sea, we will always going to look at it till the day we get in the ship and start sailing. The idea will always be in our head no matter what other people say, sooner or later we will do it.

at the end i would like to thank my friends who were around me and support me for chasing my dream and my future career and my teachers through the year and the whole people in my city for being big supportive and helpful and respectful to my career and dream and being really proud of me. to the end to my parent who were the perfect judge for my work, and to my mom for giving her time going with me and assisted me during my film shooting.

new work and new project

hello everyone, long time no post in here, been busy with shooting, editing, and my project,
everyone wants to get my book that I'm working on while am not even start shooting yet for it, it's soo funny even mom wants me to be done with. The weather is getting cloudy which is good for my shoots but too dusty to start for shooting. You better shoot in hot weather or dusty cold weather, sometimes i think i need to travel to smell fresh air.
I have some plans for the few months including traveling and then completing my Master so I'm having a lot of thinking.

I will leave you now with Joanna Kielkucka Collection 2010, Amazing work, I couldn't help but ordering one of her dresses.
Model:Marina Belousova
Make up: Farah Alshohomy