Thursday Photoshoot for Farah

Thursday was a crazy day in the studio, we have an intern now from University, who will be with us for 6 weeks, We had a special beauty shoot for Farah, we always do special makeup for her each year to add it in portfolio and magazines ads. we were like bees, the MUA is working, hairstylist Marie is making the hair and the trainer is having backstage photo shoot with our lovely model of the day: Salwa Ayari

the photography fashion part of it:
as i said in my latest post that i will try something comfy and fashionable to tell you if it will work out while you are shooting, my pick of the day was stripe embellished top from new look with the pearls in the shoulder and legging jeans from 21, with stripe white and black shoe from Grey Mer by the way he has really cool new collection you must check the website.
I couldn't find the top's photo online so this is the similar look but with white pearls in the shoulder

stripes are on for this summer and that makes me really happy i can't have enough of stripe tops, I'm addicted when it comes with strips, they look good and so relaxing for our hot weather plus chic! and a perfect match for your Chanel bag.

the reason why i like NewLook in Dubai mall is because they are always get the latest trends than other shops, yes i like other shops as well, but till they get the new collection here it became old history, I like to get the classic dresses and outfits from the labels i like, but when it comes with the latest fashionable trends i like to get it from NewLook, 21 and sometimes Zara which they bring it faster than other shops, what about you?

other ppl wearing stripes and i like :

Hanh, this lady is really cool, she travels to many places and take some shots of her cool outfits, visit her blog: 

Agyness Deyn photo from

Here are some photos of what was happening backstage taken by our Intern. She did great job.

here are the final look - click on them for better view

and here is another make up look

very long post right? I know! it's been a year since i had a long fashionable post, I will do it from time to time, it depends on my mood ^^

have a super super week.

being stylish photographer

I was going to make special topic about how to be a fashionable photographer specially with this new trend 80's style that is soo comfy and easy to wear when you are having a shoot..
I will try my best from time to time to give you some tips i try it myself and it's working and where to buy it from

While I was making research at the internet, i came cross this beautiful site :

and i found this: Not all Photographers wear vest! she has special photos under that name for a photographer and what she's wearing during her shoots.

these images links's cridet goes to  you will find more information about each photo and where it belongs to

Why I love Gwyneth Paltrow

because i love her style through all these years, and the way she keeps her body in shape, the way of yoga, and her goop!!

What i like also in her website, that she is the one who writes and picks the photos, also there is a section for her daily fashion with photos. She helps her reader how to stay in style and comfy. she is also a huge fan of TopShop like many other celebs.
here are some photos i picked to share with you from
and Gwyneth .. welcome to bloggers world!!^^

jumpsuit looking great if you are super super tall or super super thin, perfect on her really

Editorials and interview feature

It was a great day at Fashion Lounge, really amazing and nice place for fashion events and meeting ladies. with their special menu with many fruit drinks. They were really nice with us and gave us a special treat. I enjoyed my shooting and had fun with the staff.

enjoy the wedding editorials of IN magazines

Fashion stylist: Rasha Abu Al Naja
Makeup artist: Anna De Leon
Fashion designer: Sohad Acouri Houte Couture
Hairstylist: Ibrahim Nasrallah - headlines Salon
location: Fashion Lounge, Jumierah Beach Residence

click on the images for a better and bigger view

and here is a nice article at emirates business newspaper about my upcoming book just few things i will currect, i have High Diploma in communication art not diploma. I'm getting my master soon and my ladydesign established in 2005 ^^

are you a fan or a stalker?

I know i don't blog like i used to, I'm sorry i keep telling myself i will post something and then i get busy, I was really happy to hear good feedback about my latest work from fans who send me emails or msgs. It means a lot to me that you are following my updates. It's very cute when i hear some girls saying we stalking you and check your work, it's not stalking it's what fans like to do, stalking is something bad and dangerous, it's when someone checking on you and they hate you and never give a good comment when they like something but bad comment when they notice or dislike something, these i call them stalkers & i ignore them but when it comes to interfere my private life i get really angry.
I know you will tell me it's a price of being in public and fame, but it doesn't have to be this way, as long as they stay where they are, i don't mind.
I'm having special preparations if I will make a signing book day, I'm still not sure if i will make this step, it's a nice thing to meet the fans but not stalkers. so I'm arranging something for my stalkers otherwise there will not be a signing book day
what makes me really sad that my fans are becoming victims because of what stalkers do. so i am trying my best to think of good ideas.

Editorials work at IN Magazine

In magazine is bimonthly lifestyle and fashion magazine from middle east, i had two editorials with them before few months ago and i got my copy last week, i love how the first issue is more than 200 pages
and i liked some editorials from my other photographers friends from here like Aysha and mariyah, i also liked the special shoot of "the secret muse" and "rapunzel" shoots' way of lighting. It's already out in Lebanon and soon in dubai

now i will leave you with some of the editorial photos - click on them for a bigger view
Model: Elena Ivanova
MUA: Lina Hussain
Stylists: Rasha Abou Alnaja and Debbie tounta

we did flashy style also in this shoot but we didn't use, the team had fun really that day

how to wear niftee?

I got my Niftee last week, got my grey special t-shirt

Why Niftee? because it's cozy, comfy, chic and you can wear it while working or having a quick photoshoot and stay in style! plus it's all made in U.A.E

yes that's my Niftee, i already looove it with the special design in pink illustrations in it, of course there are many colours as well. and there are new summer/spring collection coming up

how do you wear it?
I wear my Niftee as a short dress with black leggings and pink small boots, or heals
or you can wear pink leggings and black small boots

now, the question is did you get your Niftee? if not order now !!
or follow Niftee

i will get some time today or tomorrow to add the editorials from In magazine.