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are you a fan or a stalker?

I know i don't blog like i used to, I'm sorry i keep telling myself i will post something and then i get busy, I was really happy to hear good feedback about my latest work from fans who send me emails or msgs. It means a lot to me that you are following my updates. It's very cute when i hear some girls saying we stalking you and check your work, it's not stalking it's what fans like to do, stalking is something bad and dangerous, it's when someone checking on you and they hate you and never give a good comment when they like something but bad comment when they notice or dislike something, these i call them stalkers & i ignore them but when it comes to interfere my private life i get really angry.
I know you will tell me it's a price of being in public and fame, but it doesn't have to be this way, as long as they stay where they are, i don't mind.
I'm having special preparations if I will make a signing book day, I'm still not sure if i will make this step, it's a nice thing to meet the fans but not stalkers. so I'm arranging something for my stalkers otherwise there will not be a signing book day
what makes me really sad that my fans are becoming victims because of what stalkers do. so i am trying my best to think of good ideas.

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