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how to wear niftee?

I got my Niftee last week, got my grey special t-shirt

Why Niftee? because it's cozy, comfy, chic and you can wear it while working or having a quick photoshoot and stay in style! plus it's all made in U.A.E

yes that's my Niftee, i already looove it with the special design in pink illustrations in it, of course there are many colours as well. and there are new summer/spring collection coming up

how do you wear it?
I wear my Niftee as a short dress with black leggings and pink small boots, or heals
or you can wear pink leggings and black small boots

now, the question is did you get your Niftee? if not order now !!
or follow Niftee

i will get some time today or tomorrow to add the editorials from In magazine.

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