My 2nd Solo Photography Exhibition

I had a dream about a year and a half and it was so clear how was it - going inside a magnificent place and i was watching every details of it. They told me this is your place and i was soo happy that i would be there.

Woke up and didn't understand the dream at all but i remember the place and how it looked ,
and i was looking forward to that place.

This month I got invited to have my 2nd solo exhibition at Khan Murjan gallery at WAFI. a marvelous new place at wafi where you have see Turkish, Iranian, Syrian and Moroccan style all in one place called Khan Murjan and when they showed me where is my gallery suddenly i remembered my dream.

I believe this is a gift from god to show you me where i would be if i keep working.

so please join me on my event for the opening at khan murjan gallery for my 2nd solo exhibition on Sunday 7th of June.

thank you all for believing on me :)

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