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my days in london

the connection between London and I can't be explained. All i can say it's a place where i used to forget my bad days and getting inspired since childhood. It's my second home and where i feel safe and peaceful most of the time and i love the rain, i enjoy it, sooo beautiful!

This time i went to London and i was almost shopping everyday lol at my fav and best store in the world of all time Selfridges! yes i went to Browns stores and some other boutiques but Selfridges is a place where you have fun. but god the perfumes hall are crowded with hunters who are just trying to catch a fish may i say ^_^ but it was fun and funny when they say: excuse me?! may i ask you a question?.. then they say: come with me, and they let you walk all the way to their booth where they present you the new PERFUME! hhaha it was funny but that's why i keep coming to the store, because it took the whole day on the perfume sections till the next day and the next day lol
Anyway, it was like crazy for the ciate caviar manicure, which are exclusively in the store and specially the limited Edition Britannia for Jubilee. When my cousin went back to get some more it was all gone but i think we were lucky because they brought more in the afternoon, as the seller said it : might come or never again. So you if you are in London, then this is your chance go if there is still any and buy it.

I will leave you now with some photos I captured with my phone in instagram

amazing cakes at  Cafe De pierre

Selfridges, I always love their window displays, creative
at aubaine, Selfridges

John Lewis 
at aubaine, Selfridges

new work and special video tutorial for Fishtail & Loose Rope braids

It's been a while since i update, and let's hope I will post more, but it's very hard to update both twitter, facebook, tumblr , deviantart and now google+!

I'm trying to update my work for the 2011-2012 in my free time, and now as you know i do videography and guess what it's cool and fun. so the team and I were trying to make tutorials that we can include in our videos at ladydesign channel! yay yes we can channel now subscribe!!

The idea about the tutorial came from friends around me when i used to make special braids like fishtail braid and Loose Rope braid and they kept asking me how did i do it, i told them youtube! they said why don't you make us one in your own way and we will make it as well.
we gathered the team and the makeup artist did a wonderful job in the eyeshadows and makeup too. so we filmed with Ksyusha : my muse! and it turned great.

I added the new tutorial on youtube and i got great feedbacks from my friends, family and it makes me happy that they are trying to do the braids now by themselves!
we will add more tutorials in the future and more surprises. If you would like to add more suggestions what you want to see in the next videos please share :)

please do enjoy the photos and the watch the video.


for more photos please visit the
facebook fanpage

and here is the video tutorial, enjoy :)

Portfolio for 2011

I have been away for months for holidays, talking about my book, joining projects and made some commercial work, I got macbook pro and now i have the time finally to update my portfolio, with better quality and new things with it. I started doing videography along with photography for clients, models. 
We started to do our first work with my first model Ksyusha, Farah was the makeup artist, she did a great job in the makeup and got this amazing foundation. The idea of the video is really great for people who sometimes think the makeup is photoshoped.
we didn't use any photoshop at this one, I felt that I should leave them that way. 
please enjoy the video and i hope you will like it, subscribe if you are in youtube, and wait for more work.
We used aluminum foil for the background which gave the glowing effect and reflections.
you can try it yourself and you will see how it gives the special atmosphere for your photos.

Model: Ksyusha
Makeup Artist: Farah AlShohomy
Assistant: Royenna

formspring for cameras & photoshop questions

Ask me anything related to cameras / photoshop / photography & i will do my best to answer, also I can help u choosing your first camera, I will do my best to guide you.

heritage and colours

heritage and colours, originally uploaded by ladydesign.

Via Flickr:
Model: Andrea

Hair & Makeup: Farah Al Shohomy



Judging Photography Competition at Murdoch University

It was a great honour to be one of the judges for Murdoch University Dubai Photography Competition.
We went to the university 2 week ago to to see students' photographs from high schools & universities around UAE and to select winners for each category.
I just wanted to say that all of them did great job and I loved their photographs.
Keep shooting because you are doing it right and directly from your heart.

Their Third Annual Student Photography Exhibition was last week on Wednesday.

For more information please check this to read more about it and to check some of winners' photographs.

I know I don't post like I used to but you can always find me on tumblr or Twitter

There is one more post coming very soon :)