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new work and special video tutorial for Fishtail & Loose Rope braids

It's been a while since i update, and let's hope I will post more, but it's very hard to update both twitter, facebook, tumblr , deviantart and now google+!

I'm trying to update my work for the 2011-2012 in my free time, and now as you know i do videography and guess what it's cool and fun. so the team and I were trying to make tutorials that we can include in our videos at ladydesign channel! yay yes we can channel now subscribe!!

The idea about the tutorial came from friends around me when i used to make special braids like fishtail braid and Loose Rope braid and they kept asking me how did i do it, i told them youtube! they said why don't you make us one in your own way and we will make it as well.
we gathered the team and the makeup artist did a wonderful job in the eyeshadows and makeup too. so we filmed with Ksyusha : my muse! and it turned great.

I added the new tutorial on youtube and i got great feedbacks from my friends, family and it makes me happy that they are trying to do the braids now by themselves!
we will add more tutorials in the future and more surprises. If you would like to add more suggestions what you want to see in the next videos please share :)

please do enjoy the photos and the watch the video.


for more photos please visit the
facebook fanpage

and here is the video tutorial, enjoy :)

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