since 2008 till now

my feelings : disappointed. I always have faith on a community that they might change to better or might improve but i don't see a thing. I feel sorry for them. It's really painful that you get all the education other people need and do nothing with it.

I got busy with clients - sick two times - getting up at 5 to go to desert to enjoy the rain and weather. visiting friends trying to have time for them.

had a lovely photoshoot with the designer Ferial Al Bastaky for her new amazing collection. The funny part : i was sick on that day. very very sick i couldn't even swallow but i couldn't cancel it because models have this day off and because the magazine asked for fast new photos in a week! like always i was on time to give the CD because I'm a pro. while they delay hahah these kind of magazines make me laugh.

the designer, makeup artists and models asked me to delay the shoot for another day but i refused.
I just want to say when you give a word you stick to it no matter what. I keep my promises because i want others to keep their promises

I want to thank Ferial Al Bastaky for her help on that day and her great spirit, it's an honour to know you. Farah al Shohomy the MUA. Shahla my lovely assistant for helping me all the day in the shoot. and the models: Aysel, Salwa and Cassandra making it easy for me.

what I'm doing :
right now I'm tyring to finish my book before i get into any new interview. I'm planning to have an exhibition, any recommendation?

here are some photos from Aysel portfolio photoshoot and another one with model susha from school revolution session. and helen and salwa at fashion vs construction machines
MUA: Farah Alshohomy