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I don't know how to begin this post, the weather is changing here so normally we don't shoot outdoors till the winter is almost ready, ok long story. I've made few changes, the .com is not working for the moment because i am trying to transfer it, so i got the .net just in case something happen and i lose the .com
so from now you can check http://lady-design.net also I've added a new folder called: Movements and there you can find few selection of images from my book. many told me i should join in competitions with some of the photos, but i think now i am too late to do it since i took long vacation to rest and get myself back to fashion photography. there are many plans but I'm taking them slowly for some reasons.

I'm now updating my portfolio, I'm looking for young new faces, I prefer blonde or light brown hair, female,
so if you think you can recommend someone please send me your photos at ladydesign2007@gmail.com 

so please check my twitter and join to get some updates just in case if I can't update here.


Dear anonymous, like I said before if you can't write your name or blogsite it will go automatically
to the spam and I won't be able to view it.

I just checked it lately to find out it's full of your comments, couldn't read them all but I just read last comment which is funny little bit.

There is a question for my recent post of images, or I don't know what it is because of the way that person gave the comment but it was about why I took this photo in only one angel?

if you are regular visitor or at least you shall see my work before you give such a comment you might be understand it's a new style I want to try for a model portfolio which I really liked and as a photographer I choose the angel I like for the model, but as you can see this model is perfect.
I don't show all the photos I take, I only share what I like and what I can show in my limited time.
I always shoot differently and try to experiment new style and lighting.
This style I wanted to do since last year but couldn't find the right model till now

So the answer is: I DID it. C'mon we are not stupid!
and about the model's expression  is kpop style expression that I asked for it.

 hope the photos I posted will satisfy your questions

normally I don't answer these kind of comments but I just wanted to prove in photos that there are different kind of photos photographers normally have but don't share.

And to anonymous who want to educate us, maybe if you will learn how to work on your way of typing a comment and be at least sophisticated!!! and professional to artists / photographers then we may respect and consider your opinion :)

new photos

we had a special photoshoot last week for a model portfolio, first time with model Fara Manalo, she is amazing model with amazing long hair, I would like to work with her more. We tried a kpop style and some different style on her. I hope you enjoy the photos. there are many as well but it will be added in my fanpage later. sorry for not updating lately, but i was busy with work and organizing some meetings and editorials shoots for the next months. I'm also looking for stylist for our next shoots and updating portfolio, so if you are interested please email me at: ladydesign2007@gmail.com

Model: Fara Manalo
MUA: Farah Al Shohomy
Assistant: Veta Kniaz
click on the image to bigger clear view

Ladydesign special assistant

Hi, I did this because i need a special assistant, a special one for commercial and retouching urgent work i will have this year. I am going to have a special course in the middle of September for a week, will be teaching the trainees everything from photoshoots with models to editing, all of them will get the information that they need to be a fashion photographer in the future. I will select two of them, one for the retouching and editing work ( retoucher ), and the other one for assisting during the shoot. ( photographer assistant ) both are important and they will get a special certificate and one year experience. More information will be a surprise
this course will be fun fun fun :) the group will be limited and selective

this course for female only, so if you are what I'm looking for then please apply at ladydesign2007@gmail.com with some of your work, and if you don't have then please write why you want to be a ladydesign assistant.
good luck everyone! ^^
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first daily deviation

Today I went to check on my deviant art page, and I was getting many comments and congrats at the same time, could it be? then i checked to find out i got my first Daily Deviation!! i was jumping from happiness and didn't know what to do i was sooo happy and checking every comment make me happier, really appreciate who recommended me and who chose me for the DD.

I captured the moments for the first DD in the DeviantArt page and here are the photos. the photo is part of my collection of my photobook "Movements"

The book launch photos and snap shots

 I'm sorry for being late for posting the photos of the event and also snap shots for the book, i hope you will enjoy viewing.

the book contains photos that talk about some feelings and emotions for the places i attended to go in each emirate, and how do i see it in my point of view as an artist.

Special thanks to Canon for all the features they gave me and lending me their Canon EOS-1D Mark IV with lenses. which made me in love with it and bought it after that.

so Kaya Skin Care for publishing & sponsoring my book and how did they care about it and really gave attention and interest.

for Virgin, for their welcoming and supportive energy, and giving me the chance to have my books in their stores and for the lovely event they made for me.

to all the press who covered it too

special thanks to Dubai Internation Airport <- one of the best and fav airport in the world. DubaiStudios for giving me the permissiotions to shoot around Dubai. Also, to designer Feryal Albastaki for her amazing gowns and helping me during the shoots in GoldSouq, and Dubai Zayed Road, to my lovely MUA, Farah Alshohomy for her Makeup style and transformation for the model in the past and present. Mary the Hairstylist for the understanding for what I wanted for the shoot, MAC for their amazing support and gifts, to all memebers in my family for going out with me during the shoot and assisting me, for the lovely vintage gown by Aunt. to the lovely models: Andrea and Elena

to My parents for understanding and help and thanks to all of you for the ideas and support for this book and this results are for you.

to the most important thing thank to god, because without god and believe, none of this would happen, i faced big challenge and many problems that was so close to not completing the book but by believing of god and everything could be possible, this happen.

always believe and never give up

Books are available in all Virgin Mega stores around U.A.E

attending Grace Kelly "style Icon" Exhibition

I must say I was so luck to attend such an exclusive exhibition in London, at my fav. Victoria & Albert V&A  Museum.
There is a new film under the name of "Victoria" I recommend you to watch to have an idea about the story of them. It's amazing place that always contains great exhibitions.

I was planning the other day what shall i wear for such a visit for a style Icon, my fav bag, outfits and shoes. something that presents my taste. It's always exciting to me whenever i go to a fashionshow, exhibitions. I always think what shall i wear for such an accoassion.

I went to the Museum, entered the place and the first thing i saw her special gown that made for her in the same day of her marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco.
the exhibition contains many of her gowns and outfits from her movies and events with photos beside them and some videos of her appearance.

What did i feel? i can't describe it really, i was so happy and i captured many moments inside my mind and some gowns were really still amazing and new. oh and i saw the Kelly original bag from Hermes! and Christian Dior sunglasses so huge and fashionable.

I couldn't snap any shots really because it's not allowed

What is Grace Kelly? and why she considered to be a Style Icon among other actresses? there is a book in the other shop in the Museum which was lovely decorated shops that contain some lovely stylish items. The book talks about her life and rare photos of her and it makes me know many amazing things about her.

what made me understand that she has her own simple style, she made it herself. something make u comfy and in the same style present your style and chic. I liked the part when she used to travel and how she stayed in shape. her dresses, hermes gloves and her stylish Kelly bag. she took her bag everywhere with her. it was like a travel and chic bag. girls must know how to use the bag from her though. it doesn't matter how many bags you have, it matter of the style and how you wear it. and sometimes only one bag can do many tasks and here you can be a smart and fashionable.

there is an article included in the book : How to travel light  - yes it's an old article but it works really if you travel to several places and you wanna stay in good look

oh yes! there is also her special gown in Rear Window movie, one of my fav. it shows how Alfred is a great film maker and how he can catch your full attention.

so you if you will be in London, and really love Grace Kelly and think she is a fashion Icon, then you still have a chance because the exhibition is on till 26 September.

and if you have been to London and know about it and didn't go then SHAME ON YOU :P

I hope you enjoyed this post and wait for more posts to come and sorry of my late updates. love you all

My sweet 30

Nothing better than celebrating my unique 30 at my perfect place : London

It said ur fav place when you are a child with amazing memories becomes your life:favourite place. You find peace and forget all your worries and get positive energy from it. No matter what place could be.

They say London is different now, why u like it? I was lucky to see London the way it was and to me I always see it that way no matter what.

I'm back now in London after few yrs away. I Feel like breathing.

Writing here in Mayfair after I became 30 makes me happy. It's a great age to me. Never thought that am getting older
I was always looking for that age since I was 21, it's the age of wisdom and to become complete. It's the age of looking of what you've done and what u should do. You are now in the middle of the road. I'm 30 now and I always be :)

To everyone who complete their 30's this month. Happy birthday and enjoy it

"Movments" Book Launch

Yes finally, the book is officially done. What i've got from this experience? Being positive, try to be calm "never happened it got worse on me" lol any artistic work makes me so emotional: sad, happy angry; which made me think sometimes am I crazy? And I got a scar in my forehead. Yes I fell down and injured my forehead rushed to ER. I was trying a new bike. I don't know how this happened but I believe it meant to be somehow.
Thank god

I'm tired and I'm very glad that I finished it. Even if it wasn't the perfect book but I'm really happy that I'm done with it finally.

I would like to thank everyone who supported me to get this book out there.

Special thanks to my sponsors : Kaya Skin Care, Virgin MegaStores and Canon
Also the media and newspapers that talked about my upcoming book

Today is the day of the launch. Still not nervous at all. I don't want to think about my look maybe sunglasses will do. I'm just interested to meet my friends and fans in person tomorrow.

The launch will begin at 5 pm and at 6 will start the signing. So if u can't come at 5 u still have time till 6:30 p.m

I picked Mirdif City Centre because it's the perfect place and near everyone

The books are limited, and they are exclusively at Virgin Megastores. You can have it anytime

Looking forward to meet you

thank you

ok I put this photo here again for a reason, about 4 months ago, I've been told by my cousin that some of her friends had it in their background of their mobile phones, and other cousins as well, I was happy about it. Last week, a friend called me and told me everyone she knew has it as an icon in her bb list, other friends told me the same thing because my friends knew that i took that photo, yesterday my friend told me the same thing.

I would like to thank you all, this makes me happy because without knowing who is the photographer, i just knew that you liked that photo very much, they told me there is something about her holding the hair like that, I like to hear what they liked about the photo and what got their attention in.

so thank you very much for supporting and loving the work

you can also get it as a print at: http://ladydesign.deviantart.com/


2nd Photoshoot with Farah Al Shohomy

like i said in my previous post, we always have special shoot for Farah's portfolio every year , on 29th of May, we had our 2nd photo shoot for another bridal look, and our lovely Intern did the behind the scenes and special video in youtube, I'm really proud of her, she learns fast and going well in the photo editing, i will share some of her work at the last week as being Intern in LadyDesign. 
enjoy ^^
Model: Magdalena Gierej
Makeup : Farah Al Shohomy
Hair Style: Mary Abi Nader
Video edit: LadyDesign 2010 Intern <3

The photography fashion part of it:
green trouser with brown belt from Zara and green Mela Stud Top from NewLook, and plain yellow high heel shoes,
when i tried it first time, i found out it's comfy and i can wear it when i am shooting. The outfit really makes you look cool and chic.

the look should be similar to this picture

 I like the new style of the belt idea, i tried it myself and it's really good

more work coming soon
have a super super weekend

Thursday Photoshoot for Farah

Thursday was a crazy day in the studio, we have an intern now from University, who will be with us for 6 weeks, We had a special beauty shoot for Farah, we always do special makeup for her each year to add it in portfolio and magazines ads. we were like bees, the MUA is working, hairstylist Marie is making the hair and the trainer is having backstage photo shoot with our lovely model of the day: Salwa Ayari

the photography fashion part of it:
as i said in my latest post that i will try something comfy and fashionable to tell you if it will work out while you are shooting, my pick of the day was stripe embellished top from new look with the pearls in the shoulder and legging jeans from 21, with stripe white and black shoe from Grey Mer by the way he has really cool new collection you must check the website.
I couldn't find the top's photo online so this is the similar look but with white pearls in the shoulder

stripes are on for this summer and that makes me really happy i can't have enough of stripe tops, I'm addicted when it comes with strips, they look good and so relaxing for our hot weather plus chic! and a perfect match for your Chanel bag.

the reason why i like NewLook in Dubai mall is because they are always get the latest trends than other shops, yes i like other shops as well, but till they get the new collection here it became old history, I like to get the classic dresses and outfits from the labels i like, but when it comes with the latest fashionable trends i like to get it from NewLook, 21 and sometimes Zara which they bring it faster than other shops, what about you?

other ppl wearing stripes and i like :

Hanh, this lady is really cool, she travels to many places and take some shots of her cool outfits, visit her blog: http://life-in-travel.blogspot.com 

Agyness Deyn photo from style.com

Here are some photos of what was happening backstage taken by our Intern. She did great job.

here are the final look - click on them for better view

and here is another make up look

very long post right? I know! it's been a year since i had a long fashionable post, I will do it from time to time, it depends on my mood ^^

have a super super week.