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Dear anonymous, like I said before if you can't write your name or blogsite it will go automatically
to the spam and I won't be able to view it.

I just checked it lately to find out it's full of your comments, couldn't read them all but I just read last comment which is funny little bit.

There is a question for my recent post of images, or I don't know what it is because of the way that person gave the comment but it was about why I took this photo in only one angel?

if you are regular visitor or at least you shall see my work before you give such a comment you might be understand it's a new style I want to try for a model portfolio which I really liked and as a photographer I choose the angel I like for the model, but as you can see this model is perfect.
I don't show all the photos I take, I only share what I like and what I can show in my limited time.
I always shoot differently and try to experiment new style and lighting.
This style I wanted to do since last year but couldn't find the right model till now

So the answer is: I DID it. C'mon we are not stupid!
and about the model's expression  is kpop style expression that I asked for it.

 hope the photos I posted will satisfy your questions

normally I don't answer these kind of comments but I just wanted to prove in photos that there are different kind of photos photographers normally have but don't share.

And to anonymous who want to educate us, maybe if you will learn how to work on your way of typing a comment and be at least sophisticated!!! and professional to artists / photographers then we may respect and consider your opinion :)

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1 Response to :))

November 12, 2010 at 6:07 PM

Brilliant work babe and nice respond, keep it up and wonderful seeing your work again, keep updating us :)