first self portrait?

it's really annoying when interviews ask from my photo to include with my photography work. the name is not enough? they have to see my face to follow me and kill me? lol J/K
so there is this magazine which is really really luved to be interviewed there.. so just in case they ask me for my photo i shall give them one.. I was thinking sooner or later things will get bigger for me and definitely will be asked for my photo. so i shall start taking a good one before they snap my face with bad flash and add it next to my interview like what happened last time and made so annoyed! lol

so any suggestion how should my selfportrait for interviews should be? i want something bold, black and white, and very very powerful and respectful and nothing to do with sexy thing!! at all!
and not clear ofcourse - so it could be another face not me!! lool i mean when they see it -- they can't recognize me in the streets lol - i think you got my points..

suggestions are welcome and no you will not see the results.. it should be enough that it will be in my interviews :(

fashion vs construction machines

click for bigger view :
fashion vs construction machines

the same sketches

2 days - the first day was inside and outside the studio for beauty shots for the models and then outside for the session we did together

it was hard because we had limited time and then my memory had a crazy time so i only took 5 photos!!! i couldn't believe it when i returned to the studio -- my cam worked again and my memory was alright !! ?? lol

I enjoyed working with all of them, makeup artists, models, and my friends :P

my facebook fan page has more than 100 fans!! yay me lol i promise i will do better and better

I am thinking it might be the time for Canon D1 don't you think? also i am planning to have Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM Lens it will be really great for my fashion photographs, and Canon Speedlite 580EX
i probably will add them to my list :P

models: Salwa Ayari, Helena and Cassandra leigh
make up: Farah alshohomy, Bronzya
photography & idea: me
assistants: Shahla and Glory


how was it go? great at the beginning where i met Helen from Capetown / SouthAfrica and Salwa Ayari from Tunis, she is a professional model and has the most beautiful skin. When we met Salwa, we found how she looked like Billie Piper somehow.
At the beginning we have studio photoshoot with both models and 2 different makeup style with Farah & Bronziya makeup artists.
at 4 p.m. went with glory to instruction place to complete my vision of a fashion photoshoot. and guess what? something happened to my memory!!! and i couldn't take more than 5 photos!! i tried so hard and the dark was coming and i felt like oh no!!! thank god shahla has a backup cam. so i took few more photos with hers.
special thanks to Shahla and Glory for assistanting. "hugz"

Can't wait to show you the results.

one photoshoot left for this week and then i might add them to my photobook