"Movments" Book Launch

Yes finally, the book is officially done. What i've got from this experience? Being positive, try to be calm "never happened it got worse on me" lol any artistic work makes me so emotional: sad, happy angry; which made me think sometimes am I crazy? And I got a scar in my forehead. Yes I fell down and injured my forehead rushed to ER. I was trying a new bike. I don't know how this happened but I believe it meant to be somehow.
Thank god

I'm tired and I'm very glad that I finished it. Even if it wasn't the perfect book but I'm really happy that I'm done with it finally.

I would like to thank everyone who supported me to get this book out there.

Special thanks to my sponsors : Kaya Skin Care, Virgin MegaStores and Canon
Also the media and newspapers that talked about my upcoming book

Today is the day of the launch. Still not nervous at all. I don't want to think about my look maybe sunglasses will do. I'm just interested to meet my friends and fans in person tomorrow.

The launch will begin at 5 pm and at 6 will start the signing. So if u can't come at 5 u still have time till 6:30 p.m

I picked Mirdif City Centre because it's the perfect place and near everyone

The books are limited, and they are exclusively at Virgin Megastores. You can have it anytime

Looking forward to meet you

thank you

ok I put this photo here again for a reason, about 4 months ago, I've been told by my cousin that some of her friends had it in their background of their mobile phones, and other cousins as well, I was happy about it. Last week, a friend called me and told me everyone she knew has it as an icon in her bb list, other friends told me the same thing because my friends knew that i took that photo, yesterday my friend told me the same thing.

I would like to thank you all, this makes me happy because without knowing who is the photographer, i just knew that you liked that photo very much, they told me there is something about her holding the hair like that, I like to hear what they liked about the photo and what got their attention in.

so thank you very much for supporting and loving the work

you can also get it as a print at: http://ladydesign.deviantart.com/


2nd Photoshoot with Farah Al Shohomy

like i said in my previous post, we always have special shoot for Farah's portfolio every year , on 29th of May, we had our 2nd photo shoot for another bridal look, and our lovely Intern did the behind the scenes and special video in youtube, I'm really proud of her, she learns fast and going well in the photo editing, i will share some of her work at the last week as being Intern in LadyDesign. 
enjoy ^^
Model: Magdalena Gierej
Makeup : Farah Al Shohomy
Hair Style: Mary Abi Nader
Video edit: LadyDesign 2010 Intern <3

The photography fashion part of it:
green trouser with brown belt from Zara and green Mela Stud Top from NewLook, and plain yellow high heel shoes,
when i tried it first time, i found out it's comfy and i can wear it when i am shooting. The outfit really makes you look cool and chic.

the look should be similar to this picture

 I like the new style of the belt idea, i tried it myself and it's really good

more work coming soon
have a super super weekend