Wesgreen lecture and the book tour

First of Feb, I had a lecture at Wesgreen School for Design & Art department students to talk about my career and my photobook "Movements".  The faculty & staff  were very welcoming and I would like to thank Mr Asif Mehmood the senior head of Art & Design at Wesgreen for helping and organising it for me. Also for Mr Yamam for  preparing and helping me out on the day of lecture.

the School is really good. It was such a wonderful experience to meet the wonderful students who some of them have really promising future and I'm proud of them. It's really nice to meet young fresh people who also have great sense of humour. I enjoyed the most the Q&A, some of the students' questions were really smart and actually good.

I'm have more plans to visit some Universities & Schools for the tour of the book / talking briefly about my career, Q&A. whenever i have time, if you are in one and would like me to come you can send me an email and I will try my best to be there. It's always great to meet new people^^