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art, bb and me

hey, long time since my last update,
lemme tell you what was going all this time, I was busy and still, with my new project and my book, the project is going on very well and i can't say more about it till 2010 :) but I'm enjoying every minute of it. About the book things are going crazy with it, it's an art book which means going deep into the artistic side which means: craziness, insomnia, bloody moody! like getting angry all the time and happy most of the time, it's been yrs since i felt this way which is not good feeling at all but sooner i finish the book i can get rid of all of feelings. I stay away from friends so i don't effect them in any of my craziness, also i don't want to get angry for any reason just for my health too, I keep sitting at home or going for more research, words coming by and goes, sometimes i lose them in between, so i go over and over again with it, meanwhile i really wanna go for a while to london"my second hometown" or seoul to visit some friends and have lil fun for a change, but i can't because I'm stuck with assignments and photoshoots for clients and my project. plus since i got the BB it really got into my nerve sometimes! with all these stupid stupid broadcast sure i get angry'!! will someone please tell them to invent blocking broadcast in the new bbm?? otherwise i really have to throw it away, i already deleted have of the members in my list, it doesn't make sense, why shall u broadcast while u don't even read it anymore?? it's only for important situations!! not to goofing around and comanding people to broadcast themselves or they will go to hell, oh let's not forget the rumours!!
i wake up reading about people passed away who i don't even know till night, i stayed till morning because i felt sad and depressing! now i spend 20 mins deleting the bc msgs everyday, i even forgot some friends i have lol, so i don't know maybe i should bring iphone and keep my friends in googletalk lol so no bcs anymore!

as you can see i did some changes to my blog and i added some korean music to get into some kind of mood, btw, first song for SuperJunior is my fav. "it's you" so creative i must say
I luv korean drama for so long but cousins were so crazy with their teenage moments with bands like FT Island, SuperJunior and SHINee which got into me somehow lol I like to watch for inspiration, they are screaming and i only watch the hair and outfit, wow they spend really hard time doing the hair, etc while girls still simple in korea but not to forget Brown Eyed Girls and 2NE1 and watching their style of photos to improve, and i think i did somehow in the lighting i kinda got what i wanted recenlty with the lighting with Elmira she is designer studient and i think will be a great model too i had some shots for her designs as well, and i did some classical shoot with Elena, a russian model, now all i need is a new camera!! 7D is the one after all ;)
for me it's different, i don't get the camera till i feel i earn it, i spend more money in the lenses and only the lenses that are good for my commercial and fashion work, so when i do a good job, i get a new lens. now serously i need a new camera and I'm waiting for the 7D body camera to be in town soon! so tell then my friends i hope you enjoy your time and wait for more updates to come n_n

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