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photos of my exhibition and lil explanation of it

I would like to thank all the people around the world who came by and stop in my gallery at Wafi this month. It was great month for me

I was readying today my comments "memorable book that my friends and clients who crossed by my gallery and i found out there are many friends came by which make me very happy to read and knowing that they have been there
soo sweet of you all thank you .

I do understand some criticisms and that i have to ignore it but i think i need to give a little explanation of what i do

what you saw in my gallery is not an artwork for artist - it's a collection of fashion/beauty shoots of my work with models, fashion designers and make up artists and commercial

as a fashion, beauty and commercial photographer, i repeat fashion, beauty and commercial photographer, it's obviously that this is what you will have to see in the gallery.
when i take a photo of a face i do it professionally not as an hobby

i don't present anyone but myself.

Why i did it? because it's my job, and because there is no harm of promoting my work and to let others to know about me.

I can't do heritage photos for clients all the time, I can't tell Haute couture, modern designer that he/she has to design jalabyas or taking them to heritage places. this is not kind of art. it's a job i do what designer wants and helping them to improve it with some ideas suits their fashion.

I would love to do some of artwork one day to exhibit but i have limited time but I have one in my mind i am working on which will take long time because i have photo shooting work to do.

There are many galleries and exhibitions around the world, different kinds and styles and some arts, I don't enter something that doesn't interest me and if i do i give my all respect even if i didn't like it.

I respect all kind of heritages, countries and religions
I have been to many countries in my past life and all of them gave me full respect
so if someone somewhere didn't give you respect then think about it why, don't blame them
"Respect yourself and others will respect you"

I don't like to give advices but one tip : there is a different between comment and a critics

Always remember I love you all :)

- I would like to thank "Inside the National" program ad ADTV for featuring about my gallery and my work.
- Another feature at GulfNews at Weekend Review
- I would like to thank for the feature

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