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I got my iPhone! Yay me, sorry for this post but am testing to update my blog through the iPhone, I have been seaching for easy applications to blog with. I have many things I wanna type but hehe. I'm glad I got the I-phone 3Gs it was out of stock in here for along time and didn't want to buy it online. So it took me forever but I got it at the end. I'm still thinking What shall I join here du or etisalat. I heard Manu complains ant both and I called both. Etisalat has strong connection but u can have a bill that u can't imagen at the end of the month. Du has weak connection in some areas but there is no prob with the bill.
I need need a strong connection when I travel outside the country so I still don't know what to choose. I want to use etis. But I use my Internet 24 hrs because I need to check on my work+emails fb pages. Why I feel like it's 1997? When we use more Internet we get huge bills? Lol any suggestions r welcome

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