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The book project 5: why and what happened

hi all, I know it's been a long time since my last update, and what's happening? nothing really happened that's why i didn't update.
when you have a team in the photoshoot, it's hard to find them all available in the same day which make us keep delaying. This week again, because of the weather we canceled.
Normally, i don't talk about it until I'm done with any project but since i promised you to keep you all with me in the line, i will keep my promise :)
we will shoot at the end of this month again hopefully. This time i will do all my best to not cancel it because seriously I'm running out of time.
also, i keep canceling my meetings, booking for shoots, etc
so this week it was empty for me and i felt like a craaaaaaaaaaazy!! I hate doing nothing!

I did my new plan buy-list for this year, that i was holding myself not to get, so bye bye LV new bags loool

- I-phone
- new camera : because i think i deserve it!! XD i always treat myself a better camera
- new laptop macbook

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