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book project 4 + meet my camera

hi everyone, I'm trying to keep you updated but actually nothing to talk about, as you can see am bad when it comes to blog lol. I'm writing this today so i can push myself to shoot my pretty Polaroid SX-70 Camera got it from all the way from japan, thanks to mijonju for helping me to get it ! I always wanted to get one and this year more since i saw LG commercial : generation of OZ ! and this one is soo perfect, I LOVE IT!

I have some ideas already for this Polaroid Cam. and now i only waiting to get my hands into the films.

I hope one day i have big collection of vintage cameras. I like my personal photos to be more simple and original and has a vintage style

ok now about the book, the shooting should start this week, but not everyone is ready so i might make it to the next week, which will be harder for me, because it will be Feb. and i will have hundreds of photos to edit. I'm also thinking about the locations and how the lighting it would be specially it will be my first time in that place, i really hope everything will go well, because i really don't like any of the results yet. I hope to get high quality photos this time and will be like i sketched and planned. I'm preparing my storyboard to show it for my team so we can work faster, what i will care about is the day light and when the sun goes down.

yes there are some moments i say to myself why shall i bother i better give up, can't do it, it's hard, everything goes wrong, then i get back to it. It happens when you have the artistic mood, you get different feeling every 10 minutes.

now, I remembered that it's my project and my book and these moments will not come again so i should enjoy it and let everything goes as it's, i will do my best with big smile in my face because i got this chance to do it at last.

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2 Response to book project 4 + meet my camera

January 24, 2010 at 11:46 PM

Beautiful and I fully support your vision for the use of this camera! So how much did you pay for this beauty?

Nice blog! Didn't know you have one before :)

January 25, 2010 at 6:50 PM