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the book project

I decided to write almost daily about my book project, since everyone is asking me about it wherever I go, it's really nice to know many people around me really care about it. It's also funny when i go and ask some places for shooting for my book they ask me: ok, promise us a copy with your signature.... OK sure but let me finish it first. So the pressure now is getting worse, but i manage it.
I'm not even trying to think what fans and people are going to say about it or like it. In fact, I would be happy to publish my first book that actually is a photo story book. which reminds me somehow of my childhood books, when mom used to bring me thousand of books but i always end up with the books that contain photos, i used to enjoy.
The book also will contain some poems and since i didn't even write one after 1997, a famous person is going to help me out with it. Special thanks to him and his daughters, i will also do my best to translate some in English and some other languages.

The nice thing about this project that my parent really support me for it, they don't even argue of going out with me for shoot. ok because the whole family were with us. haha yeah because the two first shootings were in desert.

First, i went and studied the places before two years ago and this year, yes two years since the story of the book inside my head for almost 7 years and i decided it's the time to move it out to the world.

did i change some of the ideas about the book?

yes i did, because there are some scenes which are dangerous for the model to do, so i cut it out and we did more scenes in the desert for it.

first official day of shooting for my book:
complete disaster may i say.. the MUA and model were really on time at 2:30 pm, family split on that time into 2 groups, one of the group decided to go somewhere else in the last minute so we were late. we arrived at 4 and the place we went to supposed to prepare 2 camels for us, but the camels decided to go for a walk, so...... in somehow, I found out I forgot the memory card, since the assistant prepared all the things like we used to do before we go out, the memory was in the office, so i went back in the car with the model and assistant while i left the rest of the family and the mua waiting in the place.
with 1 hour left before the sun goes down, what shall i do? i should not lose that day i wouldn't give up this easily, arrived to the office got the memory card and went in the car. during our way to the place, we stopped in the desert somewhere near before the sun goes down, the model wa running and i was running and we took some shots before the sun goes down which was beautiful.
i know .. why do i do things in crazy way? i guess it meant to be.
anyway, we got back to the place.. and left after few mintues. we went back to the studio and i got some shots for her. which i think it will be lovely for the book. yes i have many comments of my work and i don't like it but it's normal thing since i want things perfectly but i think sometimes we need to let go and take it easy.

so of course we re done it again in the next day.

2nd official day of shooting for my book:
this time alone with mom helping, all came early, went to 3 locations, including the sea and the model wore two different lovely dresses. Special thanks to my aunt who gave us her two old traditional gowns from 40 yrs ago and still looking amazing and traditional gold.

So this is a very simple picture from first day shoot.
Right now, I'm trying to edit the photos which some of them i will add later on for print in deviant.

There is another shooting I'm planning for a month. Hopefully i am doing next week.
I will keep typing about it because i have about two months to finish it, I'm trying to give myself a deadline so i can finish it after all, and also to let you updated with the book project and for you all to encourage me, so... fighting!! and wish me luck n_

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3 Response to the book project

January 11, 2010 at 1:24 AM

good luck with the book project!!! =D goodness, when are we gonna meet up?!

January 11, 2010 at 3:53 AM

thank you. yeah true we really need to make special meeting or something lol

January 11, 2010 at 8:01 AM

iam excited! :)