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The book project 6: ideas changed

I know, no updates for a long time now, I really sit and ready to blog but then i don't have anything good to say so i keep it for another day, ok am lazy

We had a shooting for the book project on Sat, last week. I was so worried about the weather because it was full of clouds and they said it will be rainy day. Mom said we have to hurry up before the rainy storm starts. I luv it believe me, we are like waiting for it for the entire year, but not when you have a photoshooting, outside! so i was thinking, what's going on? the entire week was a disaster, and i only had limited time which is one week with Canon 1D Mark IV and the lenses to test. but, the MUA had done her work with the model, the model is ready and her hair is ready, wearing the jewelry and we've got into the car, so i said: I will be positive about today no matter what will happen let it happen. We arrived to the place, had lunch, and here came the rain, it was soft nice actually and it was just raining while we were eating, when we are done, the rain stopped, we start shooting then in 4 different locations, and yes!! we got shots with camels behind! and then we had time for the sea. it was lovely day. Who said positive thinking doesn't work? ^^ later that night the rain started to come so heavily and didn't stop till all the roads got flooded with water.

I returned the camera and the lenses. What i liked about that experience, the camera is really good and light, actually it's not heavy at all! and it gives me the best captures, so i decided to take it after a year of thinking to get the 5D Mark II.
maybe some of you are wondering why i didn't get it before? it's because i am that kind of person that i like to get a better camera when i deserve it. yes, better camera better quality but most of the job is done by the photographer, and i had to prove to myself I'm good first with the camera i have to get to the other level. and about the lenses i really enjoyed them and I'm glad that i had the chance to use them all and that gave me clear idea what i really need for my shoot or not.
so definitly I'm getting EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L. The good news is I bought the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV Digital SLR Camera it's officially mine ^^

I was sitting and looking at all the photos, like some and others didn't like. which made me think for a week and i decided to change the main story to go on with the photos i've got, and plus i will shooting more.
i will keep you with one photo for now and please forgive me because i won't post anymore till I'm done maybe just one later for a teaser.

p.s Dear anonymous write in my comments box, please write your name, i keep deleting by mistakes some comments because anonymous there is no shame to write a nickname :p and thank you

for now enjoy your time and I wish you all luck

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3 Response to The book project 6: ideas changed

March 6, 2010 at 6:15 PM

Looking for photo opportunities in Dubai has been easier now, thanks to the weather.
Congrats in getting your new gear.
All the best

March 6, 2010 at 11:28 PM

Hey Graca,

Am jealous tht you got to use all those wonderful lenses, wish i could come over there and steal one and try it out myself ( and give it back to you later ....looool )

The photo which you put up as a teaser is really great love the vibrant colors among the majestic date palms, about you comment that you wanted to get better equipment inly when you thought you deserved it , is something i dont agree cz am sure with the talent you have you can take excellent pics even with a point and shoot camera...

Anyways have fun with old and new pictures ..

March 7, 2010 at 12:15 AM

Thank you Nigel ;)

dear anony : this pic is not the teaser, am going to add it soon but thank you anyway and your are welcome I can lend you any lens

about the camera you are right and you have good point, what I meant : I saw many getting so expensive and pro camera while they have no knowledge of photography and I didn't want to be one of them, just when I thought ready I got the next one

can u plz add ur name or a nickname later? I keep deleting anonymous bcz of their ads :(

Thank you for your comment ;)